Backup Size?

I just bought a new 4 TB My Book drive, and using the supplied backup software, used it to back up one of my internal drives that contained 904 GB of data. When complete, the new backup on the My Book drive contained 2.67 TB of data!

What gives? I thought the backup data sets were compressed and would take less space than the original drive… now I find the backup takes up 3 times as much space as the source drive! I could manually copy over my files for a 1:1 space usage.

The backup software only does a 1 for 1 copy of the data. Did you check the settings to make sure you didn’t include another drive in the backup plan? Also, are you looking at the total used space or just the backup folder? Make sure another backup program like Windows File History is not writing to the drive as well.

Well, I originally set the schedule to backup only my O disk, which was 3 TB, but contained only about 1 TB of data (docs, photos, etc.) I also set the schedule to only backup once a week on Sundays.

Upon inspection now, it seems the program reset my choices, and also backed up my C drive (about 300 GB of data), and also reset my schedule to daily backups, so it looks like there are multiple daily backups. I will delete all the backups and try again to only backup my 1 TB of data on O disk.

It would appear that the scheduled backups are backing up the complete disk each time, not the delta changes, and thus filling up my backup disk very fast!

Is there anyway to kill the scheduled backups, and only allow me to manually backup?

If you are saying this is only a 1:1 backup with no compression, I might as well just dump this program and simply mass copy my data over to the backup disk… probably a lot faster too!