Backup rules

In the post a discussion is set up related to a file named backuprules.xml.

I run SmartWare and I can not find the named file. Is it still appropriated to modify the backup rules that way or will smartware neglect the files mentioned in that post?

Try to use the path that the previous agent mentioned related to where you can find the backrules.xml

I must have missed Gab’s response. too bad I should have followed this post more efficiently…

The version I run is my first and only, so I have no previous agents’ path.

Gabs suggestion may be nice for someone who upgraded, but my question is not answered: do the files mention still exist and if so, where exactly can I find them?

Wow, like no activity on this board but here’s where you find BackupRules.xml

C:\Documents and Settings[YOUR USERNAME]\Application Data\Western Digital\WD SmartWare