Backup & Retrieve tabs unavailable

Opening WD SmartWare I find that the Backup and Retrieve tabs are unavailable - 

What does this mean? I cant access the WD drive to retrieve anything 

Is it backing up my computer?


I’ve never used Smartware, but I believe if you’re not getting the Backup and Restore tabs, that’d mean it’s not finding an attached drive that it can use.

Does the drive show up in Explorer?

Is the SES driver properly installed?

Does Smartware show the drive at all, for performing other tasks on it?

Sorry I cant answer any of those questions Im totally illiterate with computers-

Windows explorer show all the Smartware stuff ie- 

Virtual CD manager

WDsmartware upgrader

Win Essential Elite Firmware Updater

so I donbt know if thats there should be, but my hard drives appear on the WD Smartware inface, I never look art it cause I have no reason to usually.

breaking news the interface has just told me an update is available, so it’s doing that at the moment and I have to do a restart.