Backup redundancy using an online service in conjunction with My Cloud

One of the reasons I bought my MC3 was due to the number of devices we have. We have at anytime 6+ desktops/laptops and 4+ mobile devices in the house. Some of the data on my desktop is 20-30 years old - yes, I’ve been doing this a long time - and we all know the horror of losing a drive. What I didn’t want was managing all of these devices on one of the many backup services - which have failed me at times - and the associated cost. Of course, the plus is that as remote storage it is hopefully mirrored or under some type of RAID setup so that if there facility burns down I won’t lose my data. The cons of using my own NAS is the lack of redundancy, fire & water, device failure, or theft. What I thought might be a great plan for this is to setup just one online backup service (i.e. Carbon Copy, iDrive, etc.) and simply backup my NAS device to that account thus giving me the security of not worrying about fire, water, theft, or device failure.

Anyone else do this?


Make sure to add this to the ideas board to see if that can be implemented on the unit.