Backup questions

OK so this is actually a couple of questions:

 1. When i first got my HDD I was using my laptop and i did a backup of that system. I believe all those files are still on my HDD although I no longer care about them. My HDD is now hooked up to my desktop and if I go to the retrieve tab in smartware it doesn’t show an entry for my laptop. I’m guessing I would need to hook my laptop back up to see my backup I did on there?

  1. How can I go about deleting that original laptop backup? I remember I tried to look for a delete option but I couldn’t find one. Just the retrieve option and the delete entire drive option in the Smartware settings tab. any help? I dont want to delete/reformat my entire drive because I have alot of other stuff saved on it.

  2. After I delete that laptop backup I want to backup my desktop so I can do an OS upgrade to win7. Is smartware a good back up tool or should I look for another one? I’ve never had any experience doing that and the one PC-savvy friend I had is no longer around. Yeah, I can google it but I guess my question is more about using Smartware to backup vs. another program?

thx for any help.

There’s not a delete button on none of the backup software that I have used.

To find the backup just open the drive and look on the folders and delete what you want.

If you are planning on doing an entire PC backup is better to use Windows Backup or Manually backup any files you want

this will avoid any confusion or missing backup files

1-In the bottom left side of the retrieve tab, you should be able to see the back option to view the previous backup that you made before. 

2-If you only want to delete the backup folder, explore the HDD manually and look for the smartware.swstor folder, that;s your backup folder if you want to delete it.

3-Smartware will only backup your files (pictures, documents, videos, etc.), not your programs, if that is good enough for you I guest you can use it. 

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