Backup: Problem with accents in French

Hello, first of all I apologize for my bad English.

My language is French, I see a problem with accents during backup (restore point) in the external drive that hosts the files.

Here is a screenshot to see the problem:

 > On the left, the original file (MyBookLive) the right folder inside the external hard drive (backup).


Thank you for reading and hope that this is corrected in a future update?

Good luck and good day!

Note: I said that I use the backup system internal WD MyBookLive automatic mode.

Person interested in my message? Not even someone from the team WD?

thank you

I guess that you were using safepoint? Be sure to have the latest firmware update installed. If the problem continues, I recommend you to contact tech support directly since WD doesn’t respond directly on the community.

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 Yes I use safepoint (automatic backup every night). I also have the latest update: MyBookLive 02.32.05-046: Core F / W

Thank you for the link, I’ll try to contact support French. However, you could still pass this bug to the team?

Thank you.

I’m a normal user like U. :wink:

I did. WD staff person does not participate in this forum? If this is the case, it is strange how the process …

They do, but the forum is mostly for interactions between normal users. If you really need tech support, it’s better to contact them directly. 

WD Technical Support is clearly not fast. Already 4/5 days I wrote using the form and no response.