Backup plan dissapeared

I copied this post fom an older one that I could not reply to because I think it was too old.

I have the most up to date Backup Anywhere software as well as firmware for my World Edition I  White.
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08-16-201004:43 PM

I’m using WD Anywhere Backup, version 3.50.4592.  All of a sudden, my backup plan has disappeared.  It worked yesterday, and I have no idea what happened.

The problem is, it took FOREVER to run the initial backup, and I’d rather not go through that again.

1.  Where would the backup file normally be located?

2.  Is there any chance of recovering it?

3.  If not, if I create a new backup plan and specify the same destination directory on my MBWE, will it attempt to re-save the files?

4.  Any recommendations for a better automatic backup solution than WD Anywhere Backup?

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Where is the backup plan located and what kind of file name will it have.   This is very frustrating.   I can’t create a new one because it tells me one exists, but then it tells me it can’t find it.

I have already restored to factory once to resolve the problem, but it came back and i don’t want to do it again.

Any suggestions.  An official WD response would be nice also.  


You may uninstall it, restart your computer, download and install its latest version ( 4.50.6554).  BTW this an users’ community, to have an official response from WD you may contact them directly.

[Edited]:    C:\Users\Dale\AppData has (Local, LocalLow & Roaming directories)…WD is located in the roaming directory.  I deleted the named file & reactivated the plan without restoring.  It appears to be catching up on the back up plan, although I’m getting mutiple backup alert pop ups in the lower Rt screen that I did not have prior to this restore.  Looks like this is working…there were multiple WD user forum ? about this very issue…I will post this solution, thanks for your help.


From: Memeo Inc - Support [Edited]
Sent: Thursday, March 22, 2012 5:27 PM
To: [Edited]
Subject: Case [edited]: Solution Suggested

A solution for your issue has been suggested.


Hi [Edited],

Please do the following in order to be able to reactivate the backup plan:

  1. Completely shut down WD Anywhere Backup (right click on system tray icon and select quit)
  2. Navigate to this directory:  C:\Users\<username>\Appdata\wd\wdanywherebackup\instances
  3. Inside the instances folder, you should see a folder that has random characters for the folder name.  Delete it.
  4. Launch WD Anywhere Backup
  5. Reactivate your plan and make sure to select this address:  MYBOOKWORLD\Public\Dale_Quad-Bak

If the problem persists then please contact us as soon as possible.



Case Information:
Case #: [Edited]
Date Created: 3/22/2012 09:46 AM PDT
Memeo Product: WD Premium Backup
Issue/Problem Type: Restoring a Backup Plan
Additional Comments: With out warning the backup plan went away & restoring windows to earlier date does not bring it back! Restoring the plan does not work if you can NOT FIND the Plan! Is the plan on the computer or on the WD net drive? & what is the extension of the plan so I can search for it? Every directory I check Memeo says "does not contain backup file" Thank you