Backup pc and mac

Hi all

I just bought a Passport SE 1 Tb drive, and I need to backup two pc’s and a macbook.  Is there any reason why i can’t simply create two partitions on the drive, one NTFS and the other in  Mac format.  I don’t need to share files across the partitions.

Second, is there danger of losing the information currently on my Passport drive when i create the Mac partition.  If so, can I just copy the data to a safe place and copy it back later?

Thx in advance


no need to create two partitions

you can do it that way but the chances of corrupting the partition are higher

You can use  NTFS-3G

this will avoid having to format and loose info

the app works to allow to write to windows formatted drives on your mac…

just download on your mac and connect as is

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That’s not a problem you can create several partitions or you can format your drive into Fat 32.

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Thanks for the most helpful reply - problem solved

Thanks again for the help