Backup or safe point from my cloud to mbl

Hi, How I can create a safe point or a backup from MYCLOUD to a My Book Live ?

User SSHD is not recognize.



What is “User SSHD”?

Have you read the My Cloud User Manual? It has an entire chapter that explains how to use Safepoint / Backup.

As long as one can reach a NAS device on their local network one should be able to point Safepoint to another local NAS location.

TY for your answer.

I’ve buy a WD MYCLOUD 2 tb with firmware 2.11.140. I have an old My BOOK live 2 tb. When I want to create a backup on NAS from MYCLOUD to My book live, the only user can connect to MBL is SSHD… The connection always failed because the user SSHD is not recognize… My solution is: Use MBL my first HD and MYCLOUD as a backup HD. From MBL to MYCLOUD is working.


PS: Sorry for the english, I’m french canadian.

When you try to connect Safepoint to the My Book Live, are you using the User Name and password created via the My Book Live Dashboard to log into the My Book Live? You cannot use the User name and password created via the My Cloud Dashboard to access the My Book Live (or any private shares on that unit). See Chapter 8 Managing Users in the My Book Live User Manual ( for more information on setting up users on the My Book Live.

Or just make sure the Share you are attempting to use on the My Book Live is not set to Private. In other words a public Share. Or set the entire My Book Live to public if it requires username/password to even access the main Share/Folder listing.

Yes, I use username and pwd define on the MBL.Before, I had 2 mMBL and everything was working fine but One was dead, for this reason I replace it with a MYCLOUD, but in the MYCLOUD, I cannot create a safe point, only restore from a safe point (This works). I can send you a print screen but I don’t know how…

The only option for a backup on MYCLOD drive, is backup on a NAS with default user SSHD… It’ not good for me…