Backup Options for Mac Mojave

I have a 2014 Mac Mini running Mojave. I just completed a re-installation of the Mac OS, and I’m wondering about software options for my firmware version 4 - 4TB My Cloud Drive?

I don’t want to use TimeMachine (already have a separate drive for that), I want to be able to simply backup my documents folder automatically to the Cloud Drive so contents are safe and accessible on other devices. I don’t want to sync, I want one-way backup from my Mac to the Cloud drive so that files are not deleted from the Cloud drive if deleted from the Mac (as may happen with sync).

Is there WD software that will do this (I do use Smartware on my Windows computer). Or, are you all doing this with 3rd Party software?

Thanks for your thoughts!

If you don’t want to use WD Sync or TimeMachine then you are going to be looking at third party software. From what you posted it sounds like Free File Sync (, that some of us use with our My Cloud’s, may be what you seek. There may be other third party software that may perform the same function of updating files from your Mac to the My Cloud.