Backup on MAC

Hey, help me out please.

Long time I made a backup from my old mac computer in my G Drive mobile disque. Then I formatted it. Last week I connect to my mom’s mac computer and it seems that it made a backup. Just know I connect my disque and I cannot find the information from my old computer (Research, all my academic history…) I find just the backup from my mom’s computer. How can I see my info??? is it possible?? Pleeeeease help me.

My email is If someone knows how to do it or need more info I will very grateful and even pay for their service.

Thank you

There are options to see other computer backups. When you click on the Time Machine icon in the tray at the top, you will have an option to view other backup disks and it will show your original backups in that case.

Time Machine is Apple software so it would be best to contact or consult their support for help with Time Machine.