Backup of network files

Hi, I would like to ask how can I make a backup of network files by using "My Cloud Personal Cloud Storage ". I have installed software WD SmartWare, but it can only backup files from my computer. I need to do backups the others pc in the network too. Thank you for your advice in advance.

Can’t you load WD SmartWare on the other computers? You can also upgrade the WD SmartWare to WD SmartWare Pro, I believe for free for WD My Cloud users … but I’m not sure.

I use Acronis True Image BootCD for my PC Backups to the My Cloud.

I use The Cobian Gravity 11 which is free, but my pc have to be all times turn on. I’ll try install WD SmartWare to other pc and I’ll curious on at it. I do not know, why the WD Smart Ware do not see pc network. That is pity.

even if smartware would backup network shares it would not solve your issue as the other PC would still be off and unreachable

It has been awhile since i setup smartware but I believe you have a choice of fulltime or scheduled backups and scheduled is the default. if you don’t leave the PCs on I would use fulltime and you need to allow a few minutes after changes before shutting down