Backup of My Book World Edition NAS Drive

I currently have a WD My Book World Edition NAS drive. I use the supplied  “Anywhere Backup” software to backup to it from my family laptops (Itunes,  pictures, documents etc.) .

What I want to do is move this data from the laptops onto the NAS drive. Then  buy another external disk, plug this into the NAS drive’s usb port and backup  the NAS to this.

Should I buy a drive that has backup software built in like the WD My Book  Essential- and will this back up the NAS? Or should I buy an ordinary drive - in  which case how can I make it back up my NAS?

Thanks for any help of advise (or direction to useful references) you can  give.


The USB port on that drive is not for automatic backup. Now you can get the drive but you will need to move the files manually like copy and paste.

If you do that the new drive will show up as another network location and you will be able to move the files manually