Backup of multiple user's data

I connected my new “my book essential 1.5TB” and started the very lengthy process of backing up our family computer.  Exploring the “G” drive after the fact, only shows my files and those of the “all users” account.  All the data for other accounts on our computer (other family members) is not on the backup drive.  Has anyone experienced this and know how I can correct it such that ALL data is backed up?

Using the default windows backup is not very effective. May I recommend Acronis and/or Paragon software. They both work flawlessly. Paragon is free but Acronis is only free for a month… Use those. That is what I use for my computers and they have never failed me!!!

I am not using the default windows backup… I should have been clearer… I am using the WD SmareWare product that came with the drive to perform the backup.  version

I followed up with WD support and was told the following:

“If you have 5 users in your computer, each user must logon to it section to be able to perform the backup.”    which I am assuming to mean each user performs a back and their content is then backed up.  That leads me wonder if the “all users” directory will be backed up multiple times; but I will try it out and see what happens. 

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I just discovered this, when I was unable to restore my wife’s e-mail that I thought had been backed up. I am pretty disappointed. I had apparently misunderstood that a backup was of the computer, not the user. I think the documentation provided with the drive (My Book Essential) and software (the included Smartware) should have been much more clear about this. I had a false sense of security and I consider myself pretty technically astute. The reason I had to restore the mail was because I had rebuilt the operating system from the distribution disks, so I am not a novice. 

If this is issue is in the documentation, I missed it. I wish I had not relied on the included software.