Backup of multiple cards creates a mess


Well, that’s a blast. Checked for FW update yesterday when I first powered the unit. Will make another try tonight. What a coincidence that it came out same day I received my unit.

But I’m still a bit curious to know for sure if the new feature fixes the import problems many people seems to been having. Will test a few imports myself according to this and a few other posts to see.

Thank you.


@hrdy90, my FW is 1.03.04. I’m glad to see that the new FW provides the option I asked for. I have been on continuous (and increasingly acrimonious) contact with WD support. To say I’m unimpressed would be charitable in the extreme. They essentially keep saying “we’re working on it, no ETA” followed in every case by “we’re waiting on your response and will close the ticket if you don’t respond in 17 seconds”. I wonder whether they’ll let me know that this new FW exists, considering that the device isn’t detecting the new version (not yet, anyway).

Once I receive it, I will test. I’m sure that the inestimable @dioxide45 will do too.


I was a beta tester for the firmware and have been testing the it since December. It does resolve the issue you’re concerned with. Now you have software selcteded options to Import all material on the card or just “new” material.


is there a link for me to sign up to become a beta tester?


Hello and thanks for all the info above. I’m an old fart when it comes to understanding any new technologies. I can follow directions but I can’t trouble shoot or figure anything out if it doesn’t do what it is supposed to do.

I will be on a 6 week trip with an iPhone 6s, Sony FDR-X3000, 1 -128G, and 2 - 64G micro SD cards and either a WD MyPassport w/sd reader or something like it, or a whole bunch more SD cards.

I estimate I will need no more than 2T of storage. I saw in this thread that the phone can interface and thus control some functions or file naming with the WD MyPassport…that is great to know. And it sounds like the latest firm ware update is good but I’m not exactly sure what it does. I need a plug and play, will the device do that? Each time I fill up a sd card i want to be able to plug it into the WDMyPassport and know that it copied everything on the card so I can reformat the card and use it again the next day…repeat and rinse about 15 times without overwriting any files. I’ll probably just use the 128G card over and over and keep the 2 - 64G cards as backup incase I damage or lose the 128G card. I’ll have no opportunity during the trip to upload any data to storage on the cloud as additional backup so I need the WD system to work, it will be my ONLY copy. Do you guys think the WD product is stable, and reliable and a plug and play solution for my needs? thanks in advance for any opinions and if there is a more reliable and simple product than the WDMyPassport, please let me know the names and model numbers.


I have been playing with the Passport Pro since the firmware update. . . . . with relatively small file transfers.

It SEEMS to be working as advertised. And it is reasonably plug and play (once you have it set up) I would advise you to “practice” your workflow in advance of the trip to make sure it is working out like you intended.

If I was you, I would pop the SD cards into the drive nightly to transfer files, and only reformat the card if it gets full. This way, if you LOSE a camera, you only loose a day’s worth of images, not a weeks worth.

My last major trip was before the current firmware. I ended up leaving the drive at home and bringing a proper laptop with me for data backup. Simple reason was that I needed a laptop for other things, and I was under some very tight space/weight constraints. The Wireless pro was left home in favor of bringing an additional camera lens. The answer for the next trip might involve bringing a Surface tablet in lieu of a heavier/larger laptop so I could bring the wireless pro.