Backup of hidden folders


I have just bought a 2TB MyBookLive and set it up. It seems to have backed up almost everything on my computer fine but it has not, as far as I can see, backed up my email.

I’m on Windows XP using Outlook Express and the mail is stored in a subfolder of My Documents. To make it less likely that I will overwrite something by mistake, I have this folder set to be hidden. Is this why my the Smartware software hasn’t backed it up?

Actually, I’m slightly concerned about the email - I take it that every time a new mail arrives, Smartware will attempt to copy the whole of inbox.dbx to the network drive. Is there some way of setting a lower frequency just for that folder? Say, once a day or something?




not sure it will backup any hidden files either

you can try to set a file backup instead of category and see how it goes

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Thanks for the suggestion - I’ll have a go at the file backup option.