Backup Novice needs help

Assuming this is possible…

How do I ensure that the backup includes Microsoft Office 2016, CyberLink, WD programs, etc, all programs?

My concern, is that Windows 10 has “broken” twice on my new laptop. Both caused re-installs that wiped out all programs. Next disaster, I would like to 1) reinstall Windows 2) download updates 3) restore all files and PROGRAMS.

I am a novice, all responses would be appreciated

Hi, you will need a software to create an image backup, that way you can restore your computer from the backup and work from the last backup made.

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Thank you for this. After doing some reading, I learned that from within Windows 10, I can make a backup image.
New questions

  1. can I save this image backup to the WDUltra?
    If yes
  2. can I continue to use the Ultra for daily FILE backups?

What software?

Hi, it depends on the operating system you have installed. As an example, if you are running Windows you can use the software that comes with it to create the system image, likewise with Mac you can use time machine to create the backup, however if you are not willing to use any of those, you will need to find a third party one.

Installed Acronis software, read the instructions.
Now I am backing up a full image of machine on to the WD Ultra.
When I installed a SSD, I was able to “restore” the image on to the SSD. All programs, all activations, same computer name.

I am very pleased with all the advice I have received here and other forums.
Thank you all