Backup not listed in dashboard


The backup status for one of my computers is not appearing in the dashboard.  This is the case no matter which computer I view the dashboard from.  All other computers which are being backed up appear on the dashboard with current info.

I had previously had some trouble with the backup on the affected computer, so I deleted that backup entry in the dashboard and then deleted the actual backup on the MBLD.  After doing that I configured a new backup plan and backup is now working correctly on the affected computer - Smartware is backing up files, and the files are actually being backed up on the MBLD, but the backup does not show up in the dashboard.

How can I get the dashboard to show all of the smartware backups which exist on the MBLD?

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(originally posted in the software forum, but this seems to be an issue with the drive, not the smartware)

Hi, try doing a power cycle on the my book side, to see if that updates the missing information. You can also try to access the smartware backup folder directly by accessing \mybookliveduo\smartware.

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Powering down the unit didn’t help, but you led me to the solution -

I checked the smartware directory and while doing so noticed another backup under the public share. 

Looking further, I see that the updated smartware has a dropdown under the MBLD for either the public folder or the smartware folder and when the software updated, the public folder was the default.  There’s no dropdown in the old version, so backups were being saved in the right place automatically.  After the update, backups were continuing…but to the public folder.  Nice.

Once I changed  the backups to the smartware folder, the status appeared in the dashboard, so all is well.

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