Backup not continuous

Looking through I see that other people have asked why we can’t do scheduled backups, and the answers imply that the backup facility runs continuously so there’s no need for scheduling. I did a backup on 3 February, asking for 3 copies of history. I left the window up and running ever since. If I search the backup, every file in there has a date of 3 February or earlier, so clearly it’s not backing up any changes.

My backup report says that it failed to backup 4 files - is that why it never gets round to continuously backing up my changes?  

I’m on Windows 8 (disaster all round, but that’s another story!). 

Check the settings for the software… you can try to stop the backup then unplug the drive and restart the computer then plug the drive in and start the backup again.

Thanks, but I’ve done that twice and it always behaves the same way. I’ve given up now and am doing a Windows backup which seems to be working OK. I don’t know whether it’s because I’m on Windows 8 I’m having so many problems with this WD MyBook, but nothing about it works as it should.