Backup No Workee

I am setting up a new computer and want to use the MyBook for backup.  The drive is already set up and successfully backing up my wife’s computer.  The “new”  computer I am setting up is running XP Tablet SP3.

On the Smartware “Home” tab, the C:\ drive shows a single block of 13.9gb labeled “System” and the D:\ shows a single block of 8.5gb labeled “System”

On the “Backup Tab” for either drive it shows “Data for Backup” with “Files 0”  – so pressing the Backup button does nothing.

IMHO this software is dumbed-down way too far, providing no option to view discs and directories  with checkboxes to select for backup.  Apparently it has to instead scan the discs and put the files into various ■■■■■ categories before it can back them up.  (I have check marks for all idiot categories in “Detailed View.”)

So, how to convince the software to find some files to back up??  Also, will all files definitely fall into one of the ■■■■■ categories so that I can be sure that the whole disk is getting backed up?

Hello freind but l dont think the tablet is supported  by the my book live it would work on a desktop or a laptop.

If you need something more comprehensive, use Windows Backup (for a PC) or Time Machine (for a Mac). It’s free (included with your OS in most cases), does full system backups, and is flexible enough to do what you are looking for.

SmartWare seems to be designed more for the Grandma type user who just wants to select “Back up my photos” than someone whos looking to do something like “Back up the C:\My Cool Stuff\Pictures\ but not the C:\My Not So Cool Stuff\Pictures directory”

Didn’t see the XP Tablet - not sure if that comes with backup software… but you should be able to find something for it thats a bit more comprehensive than the software that came with the drive.