Backup Network HardDrive to another Network Hard Drive

New here, so go easy on me.  I was just thinking that an easy way to back up a WD MyBook Live to another WD MyBook Live would be great (kinda like a duo, but two seperate devices).  Software that could run on the hard drive (not the PC) to automatically back up another drive would be an easy way to do back ups.

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The Mybook Live and My Book Live Duo already support this feature. It is called Safepoints.

The safepoints feature on my two MBL is not working for me. I have the latest firmware on both drives and have tried a lot (reboot, etc.). ONCE I got it made and a backup was done, the next time the backup did not show up in the safepoints list.

Maybe there are problems with 99% full drives? I have found out that this is an issue with firmware updates. To find it out there was no help information on the MBL (just an error id with no text) but I had to search the net (on the net there was no explanation of that error id by WD). That’s bad.

I now use both MBL for all of my data (no backups) and have another external drive (USB on PC), where I do my backups (important files of those two MBL) on my own.

How would one go about setting this up?  I have a 500GB that is about 1/2 full and want to copy or backup everythign to a 3TB.  The 500 is currently set up throught my LiveTV wireless network.  Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.