Backup Network Drive


How do I backup a network drive?


Give some details friend like the model number you are refering to

Some wd drive can use Wd smartware or Wd anywhere back up.

I have the same question.  I just purchased (from Costco) and set up a WP My Passport Essential SE.  The WD software shows only the C:// drive on my work laptop, which  is r__unning Windows XP Professional.  I would like for the WD automatically to save  all of the word processing documents on my P:// drive.  I can “copy” and then “paste” in bulk, but  I want to take the easy (lazy) route.  (If it matters, my firm is running Novell Groupware as its server software.)

I have the same question too.

I’ve bought my passport essential p/n WDBACY5000xx-x with WD smartware ver. 1.4.11 (I’ve updated it so the latest version is

It can’t backup file from network drive. Anybody can help me ?

thank you

Unfortunately, WD Smartware, the version that is bundled with the Passport or WD My Book line cannot backup from a network drive. Even if you update to the latest version of the software, it will not backup from a network drive.