Backup my passport to my book or elements

So, I searched for threadds and found a couple that answered this question but left just as many questions.

I have a 1TB My Passport Essential.

I am looking to by a 2-3TB desktop hard drive either My Book or Elements.

I would use the desktop as a backup for the Passport which contains the data that is the life of my business.

If I lose the Passport, I am out of business.

One of my clients just dropped hers and killed it. WD support contractor wants $800 to attempt to restore and doesn’t think he even can. She is screwed.

So, I am trying to prevent a loss.

I understand from one thread that the Smartware Backup program will not read the USB Passport drive to do the auto backups.

I also understand from another thread that the My Book transfer may work if I use the GoodSync application I have.

I currently have 400GB that I need to backup, and will be at about 700GB by end of year.

Well, I pose more questions to you experts that may help a novice like me:

1) Is the GoodSync application the best way to go in accomplishing what I need?

2) Is there any kind of cable or smartware patch that will allow the portable drive to be recognized for backup?

3) Which would you recommend between the My Book & the Elements for what I am needing to do?

Thanks for any assistance.

Check your other post. There is no need to do mutiple posts of the same thing.


Thanks, and sorry.

I put in both the Passport and the My Book sections because there was question about both.

Didn’t expect only one person to reply with an answer.

Thank you for your quick answer.

Guess that’s all I need to know.