Backup my 1TB WD Elements?

Can I use any of WD backup software with my 1Tb Element harddrive? Doesnt work with Smartware. I have a Mac

I don’t know much about Macs but doesn’t it have it’s own backup Timecapsule or something?


The elements drive does not include nor need any software, you can drag-drop or copy-paste the files over or use any third party backup software of your choice, most Apple computers include TimeMachine, you might need to format the drive for Mac in order to get it to work there if is the first time you set it up. 

Thanks for answers. My ideea was to backup my external 1Tb drive with the second 1Tb, automatic without manual moves :slight_smile: Yes Mac has timemachine but that is to backup my Mac, not external HD.

I understand, however, If you have all your files on the source drive, they should be in one main folder, in that case all you need to do is to transfer the main folder and it should not take any further effort.

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