Backup Mismatch and unable to decrypt backup using WD Anywhere Backup

I am trying to restore an encrypted WD Anywhere Backup on a Windows XP machine without any luck. I have submitted a support request to WD but have not heard back yet. 

My hard drive crashed on my laptop so I am trying to restore the backup on a different machine. The backup was made on a Vista 64 machine and now I’m trying to restore the files on a XP machine but I get the  Backup Mismatch error.

I have also followed the instructions found in another thread about a workaround for this issue. I am able to start the restore but when it starts I get a popup saying that the encryption key is not correct and that I need to enter the original encryption key or the product registration key. I have tried both without any luck.

I’m desperately hoping that someone can provide some light on this issue.

I really really need some way of restoring my data.


I have now resolved the issue and am in the process of restoring the files.

The issue was that I was copying both the OwnerToken and EncryptionKey from the dud backup to the original backup and getting invalid key errors. Stupid, I know.

Anyways, it appears to be all good now so I’m totally relieved.