Backup job


when creating a backup job I cannot select any folder on the NAS.

On the USB (in case of USB) I can - but, on the NAS itself (either as source in case of backup to USB - nor as source or destination (in case of internal backup)). The opend window for selection is always empty (i.e. only select source folder - cancel and ok are shown - nothing else, nothing to select; as well no manual imput is possible).

There are several folders (some shares with several folders) existing - and the admin users have to them at least read authorization. That should not be the reason. 

Firmware: 1.05.25

Is there anything that nees to be activated or anything that I do not see or recognize ?

Thanks for you input !



Hello Wack99, welcome to the Community. On this this case I recommend you to contact support, you can do it by email or phone.

Same issue here.

Trying to create a backup for certain directories but unable to actually ‘select’ the second AFP as the backup destination. Allows me to select any directory located on the main drive, but nothing on the second drive.

Yes - I can add this to the ‘contact support’ responses but am wondering who else may have been experiencing these issues?

I have a new My Cloud Mirror and i have the same problem.  When i try to create a back up job from the NAS to a known working and compatable USB drive, there are no folders shown for me to select to back up from.

i can select destination folders on the USB drive but unless i can selecf a folder or file to back up its hopeless.

This problem is made worse by the fact one hard drive has failed in my less that 28 day old drive and i have a lot of data on there that i need to back up safely.



I contacted the WD support - and there prefered solution was a “reset” (no data on the HD was lost-but all the settings).

After this it worked. So, closed from my side.

I have a therory, since I assigned the authorizations for admin user not dirctly but only indirect via rules, that this caused it - but, did not verify it again. 

Good luck.