Backup is not working?

I took for granted that it was working, though it always made me kind of nervous.  Yesterday, my PC got zapped during a sudden thunderstorm despite my use of what I thought was a surge protector.

On a positive note, the PC repairman seems to have been able to save the PC and the data is still intact. 

Given that my WD My Book was plugged into the same surge non-protector, I plugged it into my laptop to check it.

I can browse the files, but it’s weird.  There are 6-7 different backup folders by the looks of things.  Each one contains different variations of what I had on my PC.  Some folders are completely empty even though I know they should not be.

Some documents have a strange extension. 

But worst of all… there’s nothing recent on there.  So all this time I’ve had no backup.  Had the computer been completely fried, I’d be SOL. 

One final note to mention is that while it’s plugged into my laptop, only the power light blinks.  The other lights do not.  Or is that typical when I do not have the software installed on this computer.

What is the recommended course of action in a case like this?  Or did my backup get zapped as well?  Nevermind that it doesn’t seem like it’s been working at all since I originally “installed” it. 


When you don’t have WD Smartware on your computer the drive is going to have only one light working ( that’s normal).

About the backup I’ll suggest to you to download the latest version of WD Smartwaremake sure you do step 1 and step 2 to make sure the software will work 100%. After that run a backup to have all your data organized better.-


I am happy to report that an update and fresh install of the Smartware got things going again.  I’ve come to realize it never worked properly in the first place. :(  I had a near miss in losing all of my data.  Hopefully it keeps working because even though my PC is back up and running, the technician tells me it’s not in the greatest shape anymore due to the damage.

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