Backup - is it workign or hung?

Hi, I just bought an EX2100 a couple of days ago, I’ve set it up and created a share and was ready to load my files form a 2T WD Elements usb drive I had. I did the following:

  1. plug usb device and created a copy backup job from USB-TO-NAS, to a destination share I’ve created.
  2. Started backup job, and has been running for over 4hrs now, I’m copying about 700GB.

I’m observing the following:

  • For the past 2 hrs the home screen summary shows about 285.77GB of used space and has not changed.

  • When I look at backups tab the progress bar has barely moved off the start < 1%, and it does not appear to move, or make progress.

  • The MyCloudEX2100 device disk lights, are solid (not blinking) which leads me to believe it’s not working. The WD Elements USB drive blinks slowly and does not appear to be actively working.

The lack of activity on the EX2100 disk lights leads me to believe this backup job failed or is hung; however, there’s is no failure notification or indication of any kind on the backups UI.

Is this backup job failed / hung? how long should I wait for it to finish?
Why does the progress bar does not advance, nor does it show percentage, or time remaining, for the job to complete?

Thank you

Here’s the progress bar of the backup job, apparently did not copy into prior post correctly:

Well, it’s been running for over 6hrs now, and no progress.

So I decided to stop the job, so I could try to re-start it again; but it doesn’t appear to let me stop it. It displays “updating” momentarily and then just goes into displaying a moving candy bar:

And now appears hung on the moving candy bar. I think I’m going to have to force reboot this, or is there a way to force kill of this backup job?

Stopping the hung backup job did not work–this is definitely a BUG with this device. However, I deleted the job and that removed it, and since all had been quiet (no blinking light activity) I could not confirm if it actually did anything other than removing it from the UI.

In any case I’ve decided to copy my files thru windows, which seem stupid because the files go form EX2100 usb -> PC -> EX2100 hd. Anyway, I’m doing folder by folder now, so far seems very slow.

I was excited to get my new EX2100 after having seen some of the reviews; however, so far it’s been an EPIC FAILURE. Also, I’ve been trying to figure out how to do compressed backups with it to backup my PC to the NAS, and neither the user manual, nor the online help seem to mention it, which leads me to believe is not a feature of this device; I was shocked that a feature that has been around since the 70s is not supported by this modern NAS device. If things keep going like this, I will end up returning this piece of ■■■■ --so far, I DO NOT RECOMMEND you buy it.

Hello there,

Did you try to restart the unit to see if by doing this it could do the backup correctly, you can also try to reset it as well, here is a link that might help you out:

Thanks for the reply ArMak, but I don’t see how resetting to factory defaults would have helped. It is a brand new unit, the only change from factory is that I did a firmware update (to latest version from Jan 2016) before setting up the RAID.

I did restart the unit after deleting the job to make sure things were cleared up, I did not do it before (while the backup job was hung) because was afraid to lose any data on the usb device, which is the only copy the this data I have now.

Anyway, I’m still copying thru windows (had it running overnight), seems to work better this way, but very slow. I guess I’m going to have to rely on windows tools for backups also.