Backup help please

hi all i just got WD my cloud…I’ve been trying for the past week to get it to back up my hard drive. It starts out ok but slows down and stalls at around 59 GB of 99 GB copied. I’ve rebooted and started again and it looks fine but when it get’s to 59 Gb it stops…it’s so frustrating, WHAT DO I DO…

I’ve reinstalled the drivers and they are up to date…if I do it manually folder by folder it copies over fine. but I want it to backup automatically that’s why I choose WD…please help I’m just about to throw it at the wall…thanks

Let us know what is your configuration (computer, OS, network, wired vs wifi, router)… How are the NAS and computer connected to the network?

What backup software do you use?

Is it possible that some device gets to sleep before the backup finishes? Network connection, computer, …?

WD My clould 4TB, SmartWare Pro

ok I’m using netgear DGND400, 

Windows 7Home Premium 

i7 3770 CPU

my cloud is connect though my router & my router is then connected to my PC…no it’s not falling asleep