Backup help needed

To anyone able to help with this issue.

I have a my passport essential se (wdbacx0010bbk-nesn) and are unable to backup my computer running win 7.

The drive is recognized however, when I try to complete backup using windows backup/restore it fails.

It will say backup in progress for a short time then will switch to check your backup- the last backup did not complete successfully.

I had to remove the installed WD software as it was using over 70% of the 4 gig memory and would pretty much cause all other programs to stop working. 

Thank you,


If windows backup is not working and Smartware is taking a lot of your PC resources try to download the latest firmware and Smartware version to see if that fixes the problem that you are having.

The excessive system resource usage happened literally overnight several days ago. I thought maybe a virus/spyware/malware problem but nothing found when scanning in safe mode or otherwise.

I did notice a few minutes ago that I am getting error 0X81000019 if that means anything under the window backup.

I will try to download the new smartware version however, I have noticed many complaints about it using way too many system resources.

Let me know if you or anyone think of anything else.

Thank you,