Backup Full

OK, obviously this is very easy but I’m a stupid guy.

I have a 1T My Book backup drive. After a year of use, it says it’s full and won’t accept any more backup files.  Doesn’t it simply start to overwrite the oldest copies of a file? Can I set it to do that or do I have to completely erase the disk and hope I won’t need anything I saved before.?

Hi tirving, everybody has to learn at some point :wink:. If you were using Smartware to backup your files, it will continue to make the backup until the hard drive is full and unfortunately there is no option to automatically delete the older files. You have the option to manually explore the hard drive and delete the files that you don’t want, if you used Smartware, it will create a folder named smartware.swstor, you can manually delete any files from it.