Backup from nas to usb-extern hdd via software and not through usb port1 (auto-backup)?


i dont want to push the auto-backup button(usb-port1) all the time to backup files from shared folders on nas to an extern usb harddrive. i want to control that via software-tool (which folders, automated backups based on time-settings and so on)

…yes there is a software called wd anywhere backup but not suitable for my concern.

as backup target i can choose a network place like in this case my external usb-drive but when i have to pick files for the backup i can only choose local drives but not another network-share (nas).

do i need a third-party tool? (plz open-source lol)


Yes you will need a third party tool. As for open source tools, I can’t really think of any off the top of my head… However if you are using the Windows OS you can use Windows Backup which is built into the OS, or you can use Time Machine if you are on a mac.