Backup Failure

After first backup on new WD 3TB for mac, The following backups fail with this message:
“Unable to complete backup. An error occurred while creating the backup folder.”
Ran disk utility all is good
Read the other folks messages about the same issue but don’t see and answer that helps.


In order to better assist you, could you provide more details on what Version of Mac OSX you are using? Lets see if another user can share some tips or information on this matter.

I have the same problem with a brand new drive. I am using OS X El Capitan Version 19.11.3 with Time machine. I deleted my previous backup, formatted the drive and started all over again with the same problem. The WD Drive utitilies keep failing on the quick test and the complete drive test.

I have a new 3TB My Book for Mac, and it is connected to USB3 port on my new iMac desktop. The My Book is recognized by both the Mac Disk Utility and the WD Utility Apps. It fails to backup after the computer goes into Sleep mode. The computer is running the latest version of El Capitan. This very annoying.

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This is normal and expected behavior. Once your computer goes to sleep most operations are suspended as well.

But my Apple Time Capsule never had a problem backing up my computer. It would wake it up and perform the task. Also, once the computer is awake, it will not perform the backup. It gives me an error message saying :Unable to complete backup. An error occurred while creating the backup folder."
In order to get it to backup, I have to shut the computer down, unplug the USB connection and start Time Machine Preferences and reconnect the drive.