Backup Failure - My Book Essential


     i have a virtualized windows 2003 server and i bought My Book Essential 1.5T for backup purposes.


    server crashes each time during the schdeuled backup at random times.

   some time on 10% and some time 60% backup is done,and server crashes,

   only problem is with backup harddrive (MY Book Essential) server works fine with other backup options i.eoverthe network.

i have updated the firmware aswell.

it looks like my book stops respodning after some time or goes to sleep or something.

any kind of adivse or direction guidence is most wellcome.


Firstable , I Believe Wd smartware Was tested For compatibility with windows Xp , Vista , 7 , No with windows 2003 Server  that i Now ,

So using this backup software on that OS may be unstable…

@Gabthemonster: thanks buddy