Backup Fails Error Message 0X80070003

I have been running backups on my WD Passport WD2500U017-005 for 2 years.  Now when my backup runs it gets almost complete then it says backup failed "system can not find path specified error code 0X80070003.  My backup path is set up correctly and and runs to almost completion before I get this error.  My OS is Vista.  Please advise a solution.

Hi Michele,

This windows backup error may be caused by an update that u performed lately for your windows vista.

Try turning off your antivirus and update again, or :

create another admin account 

login with the new account

create a new folder on your backup destination

run your backup and point it to the new destination folder that you just created.

The error message, " Path Too Deep," may appear when you try to copy very large files to the Public folder on the new My Book World I and II network drives.

This may be caused by either a connection loss or a Windows operating system issue.

The link below outlines several reasons why you may be getting a " Path Too Deep" error. You may be able resolve the issue by following one or more of the suggestions found there.


Path too deep is a completely different error message , not the case