Backup failed

Dear, kindly note that I was trying to create a backup job to move a 2GB file from a usb attached to the EX4 to the public folder. I have 11.8 TB free space on my EX4 (Raid 5 as per factory settings). I got a message saying : Storage space is full at the backup destination. Move files off your storage to create free space. Thanks for a help Richard.

Hello  zakhoric,

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Check the settings for the user that you are setting the backup within the dashboard of the EX4 to see if you set any specific  space for the share folder where the backup is located.


I am doing the backup to the destination “public” that comes with the factory setup. i am using the admin user.



As a recommendation, please perform a system restore and try to run the backup again.

Please see page 132 of the user manual for more information.