Backup doesn't include all my files


My old macbook stopped working yesterday, but with a new macbook pro and a 1 month old backup on my WD MyPassport I thought that wouldn’t be a problem. But when I connected the external hard drive to my new mac, the backup folder doesn’t contain stuff like my iPhoto library or many of my other folders and that is a big problem. Does anyone have any idea what to do? I did the backup using the WD software.

Thank you in advance.

If you were using smartware, it should have made  a copy of all of your pictures, did you tried exploring the backup folder manually?

Yes, I’ve explored the backup folder (wd smartware.swstor) manually, none of my pictures from iPhoto are there. My iTunes library is there with all my music in a folder called “Music” and there is a folder called “Pictures” but it’s empty.

I’ve tried the Retrieve function in Smartware, but there are no folders to choose under “Backed up volumes”. I’ve also tried the Migration Assistant to transfer files from the backup, but it can’t locate the drive at all, even though it shows up in Finder. When I try to test the external hard drive using the Diagnostics tool in Smartware it doesn’t finish, it just says “test cancelled” without me touching anything. I’ve tied using Disk Utility to see if there’s anything wrong with the external hard drive, but it says it’s ok. Are there other ways to see what’s inside the hard drive?