Backup destination on My Book Live

So I ran WD smartware to do a backup and it tells me it backed my files up successfully.  But when I browse the mybooklive drive I do not see any “backups”??? I see just the shared music,pictures,videos and software.

Show hidden files and folders is on.

Maybe I’m blind or overlooking the obvious but I don’t see the backup anywhere.

Smartware backs up with it’s own method it only backs up certain files.


Smartware backup files cannot be seen from Windows explorer as I understand. These files only can be seen and restored using Smartware.

If you want a simple backup use MS SyncToy downloaded from here.

MS SyncToy

And you can backup any folder you want and it will create mirror image on any folder set you create.

Oh ok, I didn’t realize you couldn’t see the backs up in windows explorer.

Thanks for your response!