Backup data unrecognised by WD Swartware software following update

I am running a My Passport Elite for regular backups in Windows 10. I previously had an outdated version of the WD SmartWare. Attempting to use the “update software” in the Smartware package itself opened a webpage with a “500 error”.

I searched the Western Digital webpage until I found what appeared to be the correct file to update - WDSmartWareInstaller_2.4.16.16. I installed the new software, but rather than update the existing software, it seems to have entirely written over it, which has resulted in the the data that has already been backed up to the drive being unrecognised by the software - it’s listed in Smartware as “additional files”.

The data still appears to work fine - I can access it via explorer with no issues

I’m wondering whether there is any way that I can re-link the new software to the existing backup, or whether I’m going to need to wipe the drive and start an entirely new backup?

Hi Stephen,

I had the same problem with the update and did download directly, same as you. Did you see WD Backup in there too? I think you need to have that also. If you look in Windows Services, you will see there is no service for WD Smartware, but there are three entries for WD Backup. Apparently when you start WD Smartware, it loads in WD Backup, so you may have to download WD Backup as well as WD Smartware. WD does a poor job of explaining this.

There are notes in Support which say to use WD Backup for Passport, but WD Smartware with WD Backup seems needed to find existing files on the Passport device.

I hope this helps. Please let me know,