Backup Completion Notification - email etc

Can anyone tell me if there is some way to tell when the Smartware has successful completed a scheduled backup? Other backup software I have used will email me or at least put a notice on the computer screen telling me when the backup has completed and if it was successful.

I can not find any setting in the program menus for this.

Thanks in advance for any information regarding this issue.


WD Smartware does not have an option to send you an email. You will be able to confirm the backup if the backup has been completed on the upper left side of the screen, it should say backup accomplish successfully.

I am adding a image of mine so you can see what is stated in post #2. Also see next image below this for checking on status of scheduled backups.

Click on blue clock above to see the status of scheduled backups.


Thanks for the info however, I must be missing something.

I have looked at the screen you displayed in your post and although the screen says “Data Backed Up” it does not tell me when it was backed up.

I made the mistake of assuming the when it said it was backed up it actually meant it was backed up every night on schedule when in fact it had backed the data up once and did not back up the following three nights.

And yes there are updated files every single day, many of them actually, but for some reason it did not backup on schedule so I just backed them up manually. Then it did do a backup on schedule once and I am waiting to see if it functions again tonight.

I need some way to check backups daily to be sure they actually run and it is just much easier if I do not have to search the folders to find a file that was changed on the date in question.

If you have your computer set to go to sleep, hibernate or if it is off for some reason then it would not back up as scheduled. Mine missed the other morning because I have my desktop set to go in sleep mode after four hours of not being used. I did not use it the other night and it missed doing the back up so I did it manually the next morning. My last successful backup was Monday morning at 6:28 AM. Look at the second image again.


I only have mine set to do backups twice a week.

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Thanks for the info about sleep mode I will make sure the computer is not set to go to sleep.

I did finally find where to view the time and date of the last backup, someone mentioned something about a clock icon, but I simply did not see it. I finally found the icon on the Backup Tab at the very bottom of the window to the right of the “Set Backup Frequency” button. Don’t know how I missed that!