Backup battery

Is there anyone that knows what can happen if Lithium battery discharge or there Is a serious mother board fault?
I mean I loose all data because I have to reconfigure the whole raid or by using the configuration backup I can save all my data.
Thanks in advance for your cooperation

I have had a few nas systems fail and the disk were still readable by a new same type unit and by a standard Ububtu raid system.

BUT raid is not a backup - connect a USB drive and start a backup plan now.

I have not looked if the small WD NAS units electronic boards have a so call PRAM bios battery.
they have other chips to store information and the time of day can come from internet access.

A UPS power system helped even for my desktop computer that had a dead motherboard battery

Many thanks. It is a good news to hear what you said.
I received an answer from WD support about the lithium battery: it is not present to backup nas configuration, but it is used by power supply :roll_eyes:

Dealing with a discharged Lithium battery or motherboard issues can be stressful, especially when it comes to potential data loss, especially if RAID configurations are involved. In such situations, relying on a configuration backup is crucial—it’s your best chance to retain all your data and settings without having to reconfigure everything from scratch.
Regular backups are a lifesaver in these scenarios, ensuring you have a recent snapshot of your data that can be restored quickly. As for alternative power solutions, lithium SOCl2 battery is worth considering for their reliability in providing backup power. They can be a solid choice to ensure your system stays operational even during unexpected power interruptions.