Backup battery

Is there anyone that knows what can happen if Lithium battery discharge or there Is a serious mother board fault?
I mean I loose all data because I have to reconfigure the whole raid or by using the configuration backup I can save all my data.
Thanks in advance for your cooperation

I have had a few nas systems fail and the disk were still readable by a new same type unit and by a standard Ububtu raid system.

BUT raid is not a backup - connect a USB drive and start a backup plan now.

I have not looked if the small WD NAS units electronic boards have a so call PRAM bios battery.
they have other chips to store information and the time of day can come from internet access.

A UPS power system helped even for my desktop computer that had a dead motherboard battery

Many thanks. It is a good news to hear what you said.
I received an answer from WD support about the lithium battery: it is not present to backup nas configuration, but it is used by power supply :roll_eyes: