Backup batch stops if it hits a missing file


I seem to have found a bug in the Android app.

Let’s say I am off wifi and take 20 pictures. It seems that the app starts a batch to backup all 20 but doesn’t compete until back on wifi. Before I get on the wifi, I review the pictures and get rid of the bad ones. The app does not register that 5 of the 20 pictures are gone. When I get back on wifi, it starts backing up the 20 and gets to a missing file and croaks. It just hangs because it cannot find one of the 20 and never competes the batch. If that picture is the second in the batch, it will only backup one picture and the other 14 never get backed up.

I submitted a support ticket and they were not helpful. Is there a way to make it stop looking for the missing file? If I delete the batch, will it recognize that the reminding 14 files have not been backed up and back them up, or does cancelling the batch make it just ignore the ones not backed up and they will not ever get backed up?


Correction… If you take 6 or more pictures while off wifi, they batch up when connected. If one of them gets deleted before uploading, the whole batch gets stuck. I cancelled the batch, and it did not retry to upload the remainder. I hope this bug can get fixed. I have a bunch of photos that will never backup if it doesn’t. The worst part is that I don’t know exactly which ones because you cannot view what’s in the batch.


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