Backup App FAIL

Lately, I’ve been exploring various automated methods to transfer files to/from my WD PR4100 NAS. One of the most obvious choices is to use the built-in backup app. However, in addition to the missing folders bug I located previously, the backup app seems to be so LIMITED as to make it virtually USELESS for all but local USB transfers.

What if I want to backup to a remote Windows Samba (SMB) share? What if I want to backup to a Linux server using rsync? What if I want to backup to a NAS made by another manufacturer? If there is a way to accomplish any of these basic tasks, without using cryptic and complicated SSH commands, I have yet to find it. According to the description, it seems that the only available option is another “remote My Cloud system”. What if I DON’T want to back to a “remote My Cloud system”?

That said, my suggestion is to greatly expand the capabilities of the built-in backup app, in addition to fixing the bugs identified previously. This is supposed to be a top-of-the-line PROFESSIONAL system, is it not?


Thanks for sharing your experience with the unit.

See if the following link helps with some information about remote backups

Thanks for the suggestion. There are plenty of external backup solutions. However, I’d like to the backup functionality within the NAS itself expanded to include a number of network connectivity options.