Backup and Safepoint Migration

Standard backup and Safepoint Migration, whats the difference? Does ine back up everything thing every tim and the other just backs up new and changes stuff what? What? You guys let me now Thank You so much

Have you read the User Manual and all the Help information provided in the Dashboard? Here is a link to the User Manual for Firmware version 2.x, .

You backup your computer and devices to the My Cloud. If you choose to do a safepoint then you are backing up your My Cloud. Be sure to read Chapter Four and Chapter Ten in the User Manual.

Sounds like you have a single bay My Cloud running firmware with the Apps screen.
In that case

  • Standard Backup is for configuring My Cloud Backups
  • Safepoint Migration is for users that have a My Cloud running firmware, have performed Safepoint backups, purchase another single bay running firmware. The My Cloud with firmware can import Safepoint style backup data.

I have a single 4 TB My Cloud drive device, Running firmware v2.21.126. I just purchased a single 4 TB My Book, not sure of the firmware version but its just a glorified external hdd but the product number is WD-BFJK0040HBK-0A. Both drives look identical but one is black and one is white. I want to set it up were everything from the white my cloud is backed-up to the black my book, lets say once a week automatically. The my book is plugged in via usb on back of my cloud by the way. Im asking what processes is most efficient to do this. once the initial back up has taken place there’s no need for the old info to be backed up each time if not need. If it can be set for just new and changed info to be backed up each time that would make more since and use less resources each time instead of the entirety of the drive being transferred each time. Witch if that is what had to be done it would take a day or longer for each backup process and take the resources of the entire drive making it useless for anything else until the backup process was complete.