Backup after Systemcrash a bit strange!

During my backup my computer crashed. After reboot the WD Smartware tries to backup again the same data, it already did backup. Does it overwrite the old data or does it backupt it additionally? Also on my other volume the backup process does not move (no change in remaining data to be copied). How can I be sure that all data is only once copied on the external drive? Is there no list of backup data which the program checks before backing up data? I like the automatic backup process, but I have to be sure that it works without mistakes! Thanks

I think I’d check the external drive to make sure that smartware isn’t creating a new backup set.  If it is then you can delete the old set - that’s if you know which one it is.  Otherwise, I think it just overwrites itself and the data.

The new backup was made additionally but there was not enough space on the drive. I had to format the drive and start from scratch with a new backup. Not so reliable this backup solution!