Backup a single Folder

Hello to everyone!

Just bought MyBook Essential 1TB, installed all softvare etc…

…and there goes disapoinment!!!

Mybook software wont let me backup one specific folder, instead of that, it gives me to choose wich type of file I would like to backup, and then goes disapointment again… for example if I have folder called “IMPORTANT” in wich I store my office docs, pics, pdf’s and maybe some programs, and in case that I decide to backup it via WD software, it will backup all the files in the folder, but also all the files out of the folder, that have the same type, that I have chosed for backup.

Is there any solution or I just need to buy a 3rd party backup software.



Unfortunately, smartware does not allow you to backup a specific folder. You will need to manually backup the folder by dragging into the drive or use a third party software.