Backup 2 devices? Include other folders than just the backup?

Just bought a WD Passport.

  1. Using the supplied software, is it possible to backup two different computers on the same Passport?

  2. Is it possible to backup a laptop to the Passport (using the supplied software) and ALSO create other folders on the same Passport for other purposes that don’t need to use the backup software (such as a one-time download of content from an old computer)?



Yes! You can use the backup drive on two computers.

The only thing I would suggest is that you partition the external drive using Windows Disk Management; Use WD Backup for the laptop in one partition and another for your download. I used do this monthly.

Be careful using the download – do not override the operating system on your present computer.


Hi, Cliff, thanks for your fast reply.

  1. If I want to backup TWO computers, plus have a place for other stuff, like large files from my camcorder, etc., would I potentially create three partitions?

  2. Once the partitions are created, would I be able to modify the size of the partitions at a later date without losing all of my data?

  3. How would downloading stuff override the computer’s OS?

  4. When backing up my Google Drive, is it better to use Google Backup & Sync, or the software provided by WD to download cloud accounts, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.?



  1. Try to figure what you neeed and setput ass many partitions to do the job. You can change sizes to some extent later. Just make a few now to get familiar with the details.

  2. See !, answer.

  3. There are many OS files in the C: drive folders, especially in the Windows folder. You do not want the old files to replace the new ones.

  4. I don’t have any experience backing up Google Drive etc. I don’t use Dropbox, but I don’t see why one would backup any cloud files on the local drive. Most of the cloud files are backups for what is on the PC isn’t it?