Backs up only SOME files


I have installed the software and according to Smartware the first backup has been performed successfully.  Suspicious because the volume of the backup seemed very small, I viewed the files on the external HD by opening tye Rerieve a file page. As I suspected, mots of the files on my  PC are not listed - seems that the Administrator accessed files are not backed up  eg all of the Program files are missing.

Can someone please help…I really need to back up my working and program files.


Smartware only backs up certain types of files and it uses it’s own method. I used Smartware once and uninstalled it.


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Ok thanks.

Which software you you use to backup in that case?


It depends if you just are interested in backing up data Microsoft has Sync Toy. It 's pretty simple to use open it click on say My Documents on left side and then on right side select the same on external and it will make the 2 match. If you want to backup entire system there is the WD Acronis which is free . It is more intended for cloning drives than backups but will give you an idea of how it works. I use the paid 2010 version of Acronis.  I have the HD partitioned and do periodic  images of the system and of the data partition/ I also use 2 other externals for manual backups of data. for best results in either make the rescue disk and run the backup form that. It runs in a Linux app that is basically a temp file so Windows is not actually running and having the potential for updates automatic defrag or whatever  kicking in while you are trying to backup and may cause errors.

Hope this helps


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Thanks a million Joe_S, you’ve been very helpful :slight_smile: