Backing up Windows libraries comprised of two HDs?

I am using Windows to back up to my Passport and have a question about what is backed up.  Does anyone know if you select the default and back up all user libraries and personal folders if it will back up folders on both C & D drive that are part of the library?  For example, My Documents library is comprised of files on both the C and D drive - is there a way to check if both were backed up?  Thanks.

I did the backup and found that it backs up both drives in the library. Just in case anyone else has this question.  I was able to got restore and select either folders or files from either drive.

I just purchased a WD3.0 portable hard drive and plugged it into my desk top.

How do I trqnsfer information to the device?

no directions came with it

I have the My Passport and there is software on the drive if you want to use that.  You can see it using Windows Explorer.

I didn’t use WD’s software but used Windows 7 Backup and Restore.  There is a link on how to use that here.