Backing up WDMyCloud to WDMyCloud

Hi all,

Just looking for some general advice. I bought 2 x 3TB WdMyCloud’s, intending to use one as a backup for the other. I have about 2TB worth of data. I have tried using the built-in WDMyCloud backup via the web interface, and it starts out OK but after a day or two it keeps restarting and never finishes.

I have tried using 3rd-party utilities like Carbon Copy Cloner and I have the same problem. I gather that even with 100Mb ethernet, backing up from NAS to NAS is inefficient. But I can’t see a way to do this over USB, because the WdMyCloud only supports USB to go *out* to a backup drve, you can’t access the drive any other way than over ethernet.

So my question is, is it even possible to use WdMyCloud to back up WdMyCloud (with 2TB of data)? Or is it a pipe dream?


You should be able to that using the safepoint option on the WD My Cloud.

Please see the following links.

Or see page 93 of the user manual

Hi WD Staff,

Thanks for your reply.

But as I have said, I have tried using the WDMyCloud backup, aka ‘Safepoint’, and it never completes, it runs for a few days and then restarts, runs for a few days and then restarts again etc.

It takes such a long time and it never completes.

Which FW version are you using?

Unfortunately a number of users are having problems with safepoint after upgrading to FW 4.00?

You might want to try customer support.

I had this problem both before and after FW 4.